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Bridging Inclusive Temporary Use, BITU, is a project initiated by four members of STUN. It is a strategic cooperation between the four members, which seeks to improve the engagement of young people and communities in their municipalities through temporary use.

BITU will provide:
→ A questionnaire together with a printed newspaper about inclusive temporary use, community and youth engagement designed to reach the whole community.

→ Learning and training materials and an innovative training module on inclusive temporary use for youth and organisations.

→ Starter-kit including tools, guidelines, practice examples for opening up new temporary use spaces and redevelopment areas.

→ Learning and training materials on creating sustainable partnerships with local authorities (municipalities) within inclusive temporary use context.
All intellectual outputs are for partners, associated partners, municipalities, participants, other organisations, interest groups, individuals interested in temporary use and its applications, and general public. All of them will be available online for free during and after the lifetime of BITU project.

BITU is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.